a lifetime burning

By Sheol


After all the colour and abstraction shenanigans of the last few days I thought it was probably time for a turn to some traditional mono values ...

Its not been a great day here in terms of the light, very dull and overcast with a thick monotone blanket of grey cloud.  So I decided to go and have a look at one of the sights that I had vaguely earmarked for my "winter blips". There are some fine Churches in Bristol but possibly the finest is St Mary Redcliffe, which I was sure would be bound to offer some lovely blip opportunities, and indeed it does.

However, when I arrived I discovered that a reading of the Rhyme  of the Ancient Mariner was due to start shortly.  I would have quite liked to have bought a ticket and sat down to listen, but unfortunately it wasn't due to start until I had to be back at work.  I tried to explain to the older lady on the door that I was only going to be in the church for 10 to 15 minutes for my blip, which meant that I would be leaving well before the event started, but it was very clear, there was no room for compromise on this occasion.  

Which left me only with the portico to photo, but what a very fine portico it is; and so we have a shot of another visitor crossing the threshold (shortly before being turned away).  Looking on the bright side, it does leave me the church to photo in the Winter, so perhaps I should not complain.

On getting back to the office I found two fire engines in attendance.  It seems that the lorry that collects and shreds our confidential waste caught fire whilst they were undertaking the shredding.  By the time I got back the drama was over and there was very little to see.  But I missed my opportunity for an action shot of the fire service in action.  Perhaps, sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to stay in the office at lunchtime and not to venture across the threshold at all?

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