a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Lucifer Rising

Abstract Thursday: Colour

This is crocosmia lucifer, with an abstract twist, or should I say zoom?  It has been created by taking two versions of the oversaturated shot, one of which was then pixelated and zoomed and blended with the other using Affinity.  I've been playing with Affinity for a few days now and am gradually starting to get the hand of some aspects of it.  There are a handful of other abstracts produced using similar ideas on my Flickr pages if you are interested.  

Once again many thanks to youoregon1 for coming up with the concept of Abstract Thursday.  You can see other efforts for this week here.

Many thanks for your kind thoughts and comments on yesterday's blip.  I have finally managed to sort out my iPhone.  Interestingly it was the SIM that had stopped working.  It seems that it was purely a coincidence that this happened when I tried to update to IOS 8.4.1 so I will be updating yesterday's blip accordingly.  Having said that, I think I will wait a week or two before bothering to upgrade....

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