a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Apple Woes

On a normal day I am very much an Apple fan, but as you can tell from my picture, we are not best friends today!  This was created by taking a straightforward shot of an apple and then adding various standard filters to it in Affinity.

I foolishly let my iPhone upgrade itself to IOS 8.4.2 first thing this morning, without thinking to check the web to see what problems people were having.  Unfortunately the result of my upgrade is a phone that seems to work perfectly in all respects, save that it no longer functions as a telephone.  I now have the permanent message "no signal".  

I have spent this evening switching it off and then on again, removing the sim, and then when that didn't work backing it up, resetting everything, and reinstalling the operating system: none of which has sorted out the problem.  I foresee a trip to the apple shop in Bristol tomorrow to see if I can get them to check that its not a hardware problem.... 

The end result of all of this messing around tonight is that I have not had much time to be able to comment on your journals, or indeed respond to your comments on mine - please forgive me on this occasion.

The extra is a shot of yesterday's clothes peg (or pin if you are from the USA), which needless to say was far too easy a mystery macro challenge, as I think almost all of you got it correct.  I shall have to try to be a little more obscure next time I can see.


Since posting this, I have finally managed to sort out my iPhone.  Interestingly it was the SIM that had stopped working.  It seems that it was purely a coincidence that this happened when I tried to update to IOS 8.4.1. Having said that, I think I will wait a week or two before bothering to upgrade again ....

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