a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Flower Friday 19: Upturned

After yesterday's abstract shenanigans in the cemetery I though it was time for a nice simple, unfussy straight out of the camera shot.  So here you have me looking up at the base of the Japanese anemone as it faces upwards towards the sky.  It took a while to get, as it is quite breezy here this evening.  

I think that this probably meets Biker Bear's "angle" twist - I'm looking at the flower from below - so its a different "angle" 

Friday evening at last - the weekend beckons.  For some reason it seems to have been a long week.  I suspect that it is a side effect of being my first full week back in the office after going on holiday.  Clearly I need another holiday already; either that or a lottery win so that I can retire.  Sadly as I don't do the lottery it will be back to work for me on Monday. But in the meantime there is the weekend to enjoy - the glass is definitely half full, hurrah!

Speaking of it being breezy, I see that the forecasters think that we will have a spell of unseasonably strong blustery South Westerlies with rain.  That should make getting a blip a bit more challenging tomorrow.....

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