... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Bird Gallery?

Emptier in large...

"Well this sucks"
The bird gallery has been being worked on for quite a while now; each time I pass through there is less to see. It is apparently crucial work to turn it into a more effective corridor... It is the only passage between the red zone (which used to be the Geological Museum) and the rest of the museum (Waterhouse Building &c.): it forms a bottleneck, but the narrowest point has not actually been widened because the door at the end of the gallery is part of the listed building. The gutted gallery widens the body of the bottle, but the neck is the same size.
There used to be display cases on both sides (previously blipped here), and now there is a single empty display case (which will presumably be re-instated at some point) and some pictures on the wall opposite. Not very inspiring.

I've uploaded some other South Ken. pics to Flickr (right from here) and saw the Goosles on my way in so they're there too (right from here). Mr. was being very protective while the others dabbled about in shallow water.

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