Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Machen Ridge

I got home with the friends dogs late last night and they immediately settled down. The older one had her head on my lap and every time I stopped stroking her head she pushed my hand with her paw to carry on!

About 9 am this morning the wife was out in the drizzle walking them. She set off late morning for work leaving me in charge. They've been very good as I took them out in the car to do shopping and visit my dad.

Late this evening, on the way home, I stopped in my friends field that I blipped a couple of days ago. The hay bales are still there. The dogs enjoyed an hour running about whilst I chatted to a someone and took some photo's.

The blip photo is from this field of Machen Ridge. I like the tree line. I've given it an arty spin.

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