Seat with a view

Accompanied Tim on another training walk today (with me on my bike, so I actually had a chance of keeping up!)  This time we made it all the way down the Thames path to Tower Bridge - about 16 miles there and back (18 for me with the extra bits and detours I threw in along the way).  Spotted this set of sculptures as we went through Rotherhithe - and I sneaked a quick photo before this man got up and walked off (the one in the black suit, not the bronze one).

Had a bit of a run in with someone who told me I was dangerous as I was sat stationary on my bike waiting for her to go past (on a path that's shared by cyclists and pedestrians!)  Silly cow.  I totally won the argument by shouting SHUT UP!! at her back as she walked off still mouthing off at me.  Go me.  (I'm actually a very placid and non-confrontational person, but those kind of unjust accusations make my blood boil!)

Got home without further incident and had some lunch, then got on with cleaning the flat and preparing our spare room for my friend Kirstie to come and stay.  She arrived into Blackheath in the evening and I met her from the station - then came home for an evening of chatting, eating the delicious meatballs Tim had cooked, more chatting, and then a bit more chatting before going to bed about midnight :)

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