Beach Homer

Had a lovely day catching up with old friends.  Kirstie and I caught the train into London, then walked along the South Bank from London Bridge to Waterloo Bridge.  We got there a little early, so got a coffee - and then spotted our friend Lizzie walking past with her husband and sons while we were drinking it.  Our friend James turned up next, we all chatted for a while, then went into Giraffe - and our friend Sally and her partner and daughter joined us in there for brunch.  Apart from one more friend, Helen, this was a proper reunion of our fourth year house at Uni - 16 years after we left.

Spent a couple of hours chatting a way, then said goodbye to Lizzie.  The rest of us walked in the pouring rain to London Dungeon, where we said goodbye to Sally and co - then Kirstie, James and I walked back to the Royal Festival Hall to shelter from the rain,  Had a nice time wandering around in there and chatting some more, stopped to listen to some live french horn music, and then we all went on our way.  We said goodbye to James, Kirstie carried on over the bridge to kill some time around Strand/Trafalgar Square before her train, and I walked back to London Bridge to catch the train home.

Felt rather hungover when I finally sat down at home, so had quite a restful afternoon and evening.

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