Life is like a river

By Gunnlaug

Icelandic National Day

On this day, 68 years ago, the Republic of Iceland was formally established and Iceland became independent.

Festivities and celebration in every town and village, or in the words of the most famous song dedicated to this day:
Hæ, hó, jibbí-jei og jibbí-jei,
það er kominn 17.júní!

And since Daníel is back home the family also celebrates his belated birthday. It was yesterday, on June 16th, and I think it must be the best date for a birthday in Iceland, since we always get a day off from work after his birthday... sometimes that's a relief when we've been celebrating a bit too heavily... and often we have really nice weather - just like we've had today and yesterday.

Tonight we're going to have a delicious lambchops-dinner and then go downtown to celebrate the day. Hope I can stay up until after midnight to watch the graduates of Akureyri Junior Collage parading through the town square with their white hats ;o)

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