It's been a very busy day today.  Got my monthly manicure.  Went to "Sam's" and got some of the bulk supplies we need.  Got the oil changed in my car.  

Stopped and got the last two 'zero gravity' chairs that they had at Lowes Foods.  One of the chairs had been their sidewalk demo all summer and had some issues and the other they had on the sidewalk the last two weeks.  I got them to give me a few dollars off the one since I was going to have to scrub two weeks dirt off it and I am not even going to tell you the awesome deal I got on the one that was the demo!    I have scrubbed the two chairs out in the backyard so they are now ready for using next year.  I've got a second chair and my great-niece, Debbie, now has her chair.  Yay!

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