Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


It is that time of year ... the time that the local white-tailed deer have their fawns. I went out with the local Audubon group this morning on a walk up in one of the state forests and on my way home decided to take a quick stop at a trail I haven't been to in awhile. And, as I was getting ready to set out on a short walk, this pair was on the path in front of me. They moved out pretty quickly, but I was able to get a few shots off before mama moved the little one to the woods. Not the best quality shot (didn't have Big Daddy with me) but good enough for today.

The walk this morning was great - saw my first Veery and TWO hooded warblers, both brilliant yellow males. No good shots, unfortunately. We also saw a Leopard Moth which is apparently a rarity in this area. In fact, there were about 5 of them all in the same spot. They are fairly large, about an inch to 1 1/2 and brilliantly colored. Stunning, actually. Also saw another deer who looked either well fed or pregnant. And, a very beautiful Goat's Beard Seed Pod which was a new one for me.

Last night's trail cam got footage of the masked bandit shaking one of the metal poles that holds the hummingbird feeder, trying to knock it down. He failed, but he did manage to overturn two pots of flowers. Sigh. I think he was pissed that I moved the hammock so that he couldn't belly up to the "bar" and drink his fill of nectar. On a more positive note, the birds all seem to like the new Clothesline Bistro! I plan to sit out there for a bit this afternoon and see what they are all up to. Any day now, I expect to see the red bellied woodpeckers bring their nestlings around - sure don't want to miss that!

Thank you for the hearts, stars, and comments on my Dad DWP and Junior yesterday - I was hoping that I hadn't bored everyone to death by blipping them 3 times in a week. I'm just enchanted with them, however, so you may see more of them...

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