Heathcote River

The Heathcote River, also called Opawaho, lies within the city boundaries of Christchurch where it meanders along the base of the Port Hills.  Ō-pa-waho means 'The Place of the Outward Pa or 'The Outpost' and refers to this pa being an outpost of Kaiapoi. It was a resting place for Ngai Tahu travelling between Kaiapoi and Horomaka (Banks Peninsula).

The surrounding area was an important source of food, especially for eel and lamprey. The swamp forest around the river provided gathering grounds for water fowl and forest birds. Traps were regularly set for whitebait, flounder and eel. The habitat that the river passed through was abundant in flax (harakeke), toetoe, raupo, tutu and ferns and was dotted with ti kouka (cabbage tree).

The Heathcote River is named after Sir William Heathcote, secretary of the Canterbury Association.
This stretch of the river meanders along passed Princess Margaret Hospital where mum and I visit R. It was mild today, lovely to wander amongst the daffodils while others enjoyed outdoor coffee's and teas at the café across the road. There was a young mum and her two toddlers picking a couple of daffodils each and throwing them in the river, perhaps remembering a loved one. R was in good spirits today but is still aggressive late afternoon and during the night and will be staying put until the medical staff have his medication spot on.
A lovely spring day, 17C but more rain and cold weather is forecasted for tomorrow onwards.
Happy Wednesday everyone :)

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