Modern consumer electronics

Modern consumer electronics, like televisions, are remarkably cheap to buy these days. I reckon that a modern TV costs little or no more cash than a vaguely equivalent set 20 years ago - but in real terms is considerably cheaper (allowing for inflation) while the functionality and image quality is vastly superior.  Generally, TVs are also pretty reliable but, when they do go wrong (as ours did), the cost of repairs (even assuming that the required spares are still available) is a major portion of the cost of a new set.  For a TV that is a few years old, it really doesn't seem to be worth while repairing when a more modern set offers improved features and even better picture quality.

So, wasteful as it feels, we have discarded our old TV and bought a new one.  I took the opportunity to move up a little in size (still not one of the giant screens, though) and the picture quality, when fed with a decent signal, is outstanding.  I am also rather impressed with the sound quality - particularly as I knew that modern, slim TVs often struggle to deliver decent sound.

So I might be watching a little more television than usual for the next few weeks.

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