Beautiful Discovery Bay - 3 years of blipping!

I'm pretty sure I've taken this angle of DB before, but this view looked particularly lovely, so I took another one just before I got on a ferry ...

to see my knee doctor! Yay, good report from him, for a change. He was very happy with my progress and said I should continue my quad strengthening exercises and he doesn't need to see me anymore, unless of course there is an emergency. Yay, I'm so pleased. Been working very hard to strengthen my knee and as much as its not 100%, 4 months after the injury, it's getting there :)

So apparently it's my 3rd blip birthday today! I cannot believe it. Sometimes I feel pressured to blip, that's probably one reason I blip every few days, instead of everyday. Life is back to its fast pace, which I do like, but I ain't getting any younger ;-), that's for sure.

I'm pleased to share Discovery Bay with you all for my third blip birthday, it's a special place to me. In all the places we've lived in the world, and there have been a few(!), DB stands out amongst them all. It's unique in its community spirit and beauty and environmentally friendly atmosphere. We love hanging out in the Plaza with friends and just taking in the relaxed feel about the place.

Three years on, I still love journaling and looking at life more intently to see what one thing stands out that I can capture and record for my journal. I have to admit that the photography aspect has definitely taken a back seat to the journaling, but I still like taking pics. So thank you all my lovely blip friends for caring to look into my life in HK and my travels, it's much appreciated :)

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