The Cube

Big day in town today to get meds and supplies for my trip. 6 weeks is a long time to be away!

It was a very rainy day and as I passed the cube Standard Chartered bank, I thought it looked really nice with the lighting, clouds, wetness ... and stopped to take a pic AND added a bit of processing.

Got much accomplished, the most significant being a stop at Smartone to cancel the boys phone plans and reduce to a family plan for Martin and me and iPad and reduce the monthly cost VERY significantly, thanks Smartone. Why didn't you'll come up with family plans before!

Back home to start baking a cake for Saturday. I had decided I wouldn't bake this weekend and just focus on family stuff, but it's a new acquaintance and simple design.

Last weekend in town for the boys. Lots of friends heading off and they're all celebrating.

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