By LadyYakAlot

A night in The Cells

Popped to Colchester tonight to see my eldest and his girlfriend. Got licked to death by their dog and then met their gorgeous new addition – a little 3 month old black and white Tom cat, he was gorgeous and cuddly!!
As they were locals I asked them where we should go to eat and they wanted to try a new restaurant called 'The Cells'. Set underneath Colchester’s former magistrates’ court, The Cells blend over a century of history with a unique take on modern dining. Nowhere else in Britain can you enjoy a meal in actual cells underground! Each room has been given its own theme to ensure a truly unforgettable occasion with diners given the choice between medieval, haunted, Victorian, graffiti, padded and mortuary themed rooms (see extra photo).

We ended up in Cell 6 – The Padded Cell!!! Our food was served up on trays just like prison food and when the siren sounded you ran to the bar for 2-for-1 drinks offer! The waiters were dressed in orange boiler suits and the chefs were decked out in the stereotypical burglar gear!! All in all a very different, but enjoyable dining experience!

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