Learning day by day

By EmmaF

New bedroom

Not really new, not even decorated but furniture moved. Things sifted and sorted. Remnants of Carys removed. One very happy little boy when he saw his room this evening. He gave me the hugest squeeze, put his nose against mine and whispered "Thank you so much, I love it." One happy Mummy.

I also managed to sort and sift the conservatory playroom. Now I need a good second hand sale to happen so I can get rid of some stuff.

So that was my day. W got his second sticker of the term for spellings. Apparently he only got one wrong (Yr 1 spellings, reception words were yesterday, he got all of those right. So very different from this time last year. ). Carys had a great day and seems to be completely in love with her new teacher. Long may it continue.

We all went swimming after school. Will had a lesson. Carys had a play and I swam, for about 15mins before C gave me the eyes and told me she was feeling not quite right and could I stay with her! When Will finished, we went in the outdoor pool for about 10mins, just so we could say we had before it shuts on Sunday. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be but Carys didn't last long!

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