Busy Bee.....

This little honey bee was buried deep into the camellia frantically collecting pollen, a busy wee bee.

Bright sunny day with plenty of snow on the surrounding mountains and the Port Hills of Christchurch but the wind was icy, 9C. Mum and I enjoyed a drive into the city to see R.

R was in really good spirits today, his face lit up when he saw us with a huge smile and sparkly eyes. On previous visits he had mentioned he was going to London and he would be back to see us, today he'd been all that way to London and had a great time riding the double decker buses but it was good to be back - 'there's no place like home' he said. It was back in 1998 mum and R had a trip round UK and Europe, we think this is where the London story has come from. He seemed to be more aware of his surroundings today, tells us everyone is so nice to him and he's having a great time. But home did come up.......he wanted to leave with us and glared when we said we'd see him later.

It's Father's Day today, wishing all dad's a super day and remembering those dad's who are know longer with us, mine included.

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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