By LadyYakAlot

Holding back the years

Not much time to take a photo today as I have been typing up Nana’s life story – a project she started but it has never been finished. We want to get it finished in time to extract a eulogy from it for her funeral next Tuesday. It was fun, happy and sad to tackle this project. Loved finding out about her life experiences like standing outside a munitions factory during an air raid in WW2 watching the bombers bomb Chelmsford. It was moving to read of how she viewed my mums pregnancy with me and her joy when I was born.
My mum, sisters and myself spent the evening planning her funeral and arranging the Order of Service. We had a chuckle at her departure song – I’ll walk with God by Mario Lanza – it is quite sombre and we imagined her having a chuckle as we try not to cry! People may find that weird but we find we can cope if we have a family laugh about stuff like that … and we used to do it with both Nana & Grandad. It’s not being disrespectful but a way of us remembering them.

So it seemed fitting today to find a photo of Nana and use the ‘Monochrome Monday’ touch on it. With my wedding fast approaching it seemed appropriate to use this one from my first wedding … as Nana made my beautiful dress. Miss you Nan …. x

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