By LadyYakAlot

Flowers are colourful beacons of the sun from whic

I always like to have fresh flowers at home. They brighten the room and lift your spirits when down. My nana has always loved flowers and particularly roses, something that has passed to me as it is one of my favourite flowers too. I bought these today and used one of my nana’s vases to display them.
Today was the day we went to order the funeral flowers for nana. Mum has always said that we will have lots of flowers because nana loves them. All 4 grand-daughters and their families ordered flowers each, as well as mum. We will do nana proud with our selection of lilies and pink roses; lilies and red roses; lilies and white roses and blue flowers; sprays of various coloured carnations and other flowers.

I have also been planning flowers for the wedding and that was more joyful matching the theme colours and choosing specific flowers. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the finished items now. 

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