Dick's Pics

By RichardDonkin

Is it a snake?

No, you knew didn't you - it's a slow worm and he or she saved the day as we went on possibly our last butterfly hunt of the year, to Bookham Common this afternoon, looking for a Brown Hair Streak or possibly a small copper, but only found a few speckled woods and a holly blue, lovely as they are. The cold weather seems to have done for most of the butterflies but there are still one or two left if you're lucky. 

Dispatched my fishing column this morning and got most of the FT stuff in a file marked "ready" but I'm just holding fire for any last minute additions I might get at Southampton Boat Show tomorrow. Then I have to see a chap about his boat, another classic, but not a make I know. He's sailing for Spain on Monday. I might stow away.

The slow worm seemed frozen on the path but, with a gentle prod, it slithered off into the grass.

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