Looking Out For Spring

Spring still seems so far away as some of our local blippers have pointed out but is it? Its cold and wet, grey and dull, misty, foggy and frosty, sometimes a little sleet or snow, but I think there are signs that spring is not quite as far away as we think.

Buds are getting ready to burst on the Camellias and Rhododendrons, and look at this little family - a bit early but they're looking so healthy. Its the shortest day tomorrow and then we are on the countdown to spring.

I quite liked the reflections, the duck trying to make a quick get-away made me laugh and listening to the little sounds of these three cygnets as Mum or Dad brought bits of weed up from the bottom.  

Grocery day with Mum and then a bit of lunch out, we had soup again - Tomato and Bacon with some lovely herb bread, just slightly toasted, it was delicious!

I'll be back later, must fly to cook tea - Minted Lamb and Roast Veges :)

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