Another trip into the city and this time I was determined to stop and get the reflections on this building. It was much harder than I anticipated, getting the angle and lines straight without me in the pic was more than a challenge. I've added a couple of extra's giving you more of a context, one looking left and one looking right - hubby chose the blip shot, the reflection is a very small part of Hagley Park in Christchurch.

Mum and I found R in a confused state, mumbling but happy to see us. He managed to eat all of his lunch with mum's help and thankfully didn't have his heart set on sharing it with us as we always take our own. We left soon after lunch as he deteriorated rapidly getting quite grumpy and aggressive. We smiled when he told me to look after mum.

Lovely drive into the city, blue sky with a light breeze but the sky was changing as we drove out, it's now cloudy and the temperature has dropped with a cool breeze.

I'm thrilled you all enjoyed yesterday's sunset, thank you for your lovely words, stars and fav's, which are very much appreciated :))

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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