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By Chamaeleo

Menorca - Day 13: Barranc d'Algendar Sheep

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We went to the barranc [gully] d'Algendar behind Cala Galdana to see what bird life we could see there! It is the main nesting site for Egyptian vultures on Menorca, so it seemed like a promising place to visit. We took a slightly wrong turn early on, but that lead us up to the ravine's edge (rather than along it) and actually gave us our best vulture sighting of the day (approaching, passing, moving on). We also saw a small snake as we trespassed meandered our way back down the the gully floor.
There were lots of sheep poking about in the gully; they were shy, so would creep up slowly then dash past when they wanted to get beyond us. There were quite a few lambs (bleating) and juvenile sheep...
I liked the atmosphere in the gully, and we saw several other interesting animals (including ravens, juvenile Egyptian vultures, spotted spotted flycatchers, and common blue butterflies).

Other pictures from this day can be found on Flickr (right from here).
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