On Friday, 13th September, 1996, our beautiful granddaughter, Charlotte, was born, so today we wish her a Happy 19th Birthday. 

Charlotte was our second grandchild, but our first granddaughter, and we had to wait a couple of days before we saw her because we were on a yacht sailing to the Isle of Wight at the time she was born.

We have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman who did well at school and is now studying music at a local Music Academy.  

Charlotte has recently moved into a flat with her boyfriend, and we wish them every happiness in their new life together;  in fact, we have just had a lovely afternoon over there with all the family sharing her birthday cake.

You may remember that we often used to look after Charlotte and her brother, Joshua, when their parents were away and playing games was always something we enjoyed doing together.  It was heartening to hear Charlotte say to me the other day - “We must get together soon, Grandma, so that we can play some games!”  

I guess that once we have brought up our children and know they are making their own way in life and have turned out well, our next joy and delight is to see our grandchildren doing the same - both Mr. HCB and I are truly blessed to have wonderful grandchildren, who have all brought much joy into our lives. 

Grandparents are proud
      of their grandchildren,
          and children should be proud
               of their parents.
Proverbs 17:6 
Contemporary English Version

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