Optimistic - hopeful and confident about the future.

There is a MOOD of “quiet optimism” in our house today - this is the day that Mr. HCB has his stitches removed at our local hospital - what a blessing that we don't have to go back to Oxford for this to be done!

We are optimistic that this procedure will be done with minimum pain and discomfort and also that when he sees the Plastic Surgeon at the end of this month, he will get the “all clear” from the biopsy that was taken.

However, we are NOT optimistic that we will find a parking space at the hospital.  Although this is only a few minutes away by car, there aren’t enough parking spaces, so sometimes people can drive round for an hour looking, so we will walk to the nearest bus stop, and as the buses are every ten minutes, this should save us quite a lot of time. Just hope the torrential rain has stopped by the time we go.

When I asked Mr. HCB if I could “blip” his scar today, he told me that his modelling fees will be going up - so there may not be many more of him - well not “with permission” - they may have to be done surreptitiously!

For I know the plans I have for you,’ 
     declares the Lord, 
‘plans to prosper you 
     and not to harm you, 
          plans to give you hope 
               and a future.’
Jeremiah 29:11
New International Version

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