Great North Run 2015

I don't blip many selfies, but I thought some slight self-indulgence was possibly justifiable on this occasion. Today was the Great North Run half-marathon and, being somewhat crazy, I ran it for the 30th time (there's now been 35 Great North Runs altogether; I've missed 5 but this was my 28th consecutive Run).

My time of 2hrs 29 mins was a long way off my personal best of 1hr 34mins which I set about 14 years ago, but the ageing process is beginning to catch up with me. And the weather was rather hot. Hopefully however I don't look too shattered on the "after" selfie!  :)

As always it was great fun (in a slightly masochistic sort of way of course) and the crowds lining the route were fantastic in their support.

I was running in aid of "Action for Children", which was my late Mum's favourite charity.

The "Extra" is a shot down the centre of the dual carriageway where the Run starts. Over 50,000 runners take part so it's quite an event.

(The photos were taken on my old phone so I apologise for the graininess.)

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