Camera Shy

I heard them before I saw them.  They have such a distinctive cry that I knew exactly what I was looking for.   I found their nest just a short distance from the house where we are staying at the very east end of the North Fork of Long Island.  The pole on which the nest rests is very high so it is hard to get a good shot even with the 400 mm lens. 

 I had plenty of shots of one of the Ospreys sitting on top of a birdhouse in a nearby isolated area, eating a fish. From the looks of the house, this was a very frequent dining site.  I decided it was a bit too graphic and have included it in the extra.  If you are squeamish, I suggest you pass on it. 

This particular nest has a video camera on it.  Every time I have looked at the nest, there has been one Osprey sitting on the cam, out of sight of the live feed. I believe these are two juveniles waiting for their dinner. It's not the best image but it best describes the setting.

I did a little research on-line and quickly found the website for this particular Osprey-Cam.  In addition to the live feed there are numerous recordings. I liked one in particular about a recent event where the local power company rescued the birds from fishing lines. It’s a short but fascinating clip that can be found HERE.

The live feed is HERE.  If you see some crazy woman trying to get better pictures... that would be me. :-)

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