.....is starting to arrive at Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch. Daffodils are in full bloom while the blossom is new, a beautiful spring day, 22C.

Lovely to have Daughter E join mum and I to visit R today. R was delighted to see us especially Daughter E. He referred to home and knew he was in hospital where everyone was really nice, was quite stern at times over lunch but generally came round to our suggestions. The doctor spoke with us and said R was much calmer but still having outbursts and would be staying for a while yet. It was as good a visit as one could expect.

And now as the sun sets its time for me to catch up with a few jobs, dishes and a tidy up before resting my eyes. I'm finding the pollen to be affecting them along with many sleepless nights, think I'll take some magnesium tonight.

Keep well blippers :)

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