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We have dropped into a new routine on holiday. Usually a couple of hours after bedtime Boy wakes up. Boy and I then swap beds, where I go to sleep and he moans at Wife for a couple of hours. Then at whatever stupid time in the morning it be Girl wakes up and insists that I do not sleep.

Today Girl decided that 4.30am was time to get up this morning. I informed her of the new rule about the first one up and waking others does not get any ice cream and she decided to have a rethink until 6.30. Then when we went into the front room Wife and Boy were already watching the telly box. It turns out they heard Girl at the 4.30 wake up and could not get back to sleep.

Even with the early start we struggled to get to the beach before 11am where we just sat there watched people and ate chips on the sand. It struck us how our little ones are not like most who charge to play in the sea and sand but then, maybe they are just tired, I know Wife and I are. That said the chips were good, and all sitting round scoffing them was fun. Girl managed to stockpile a load of them in her new skirt and Boy got very possesive of the last few not allowing anyone near them.

Afternoon wise we headed back to Robin Hill for a play and a charge round. It was rammed with children on school trips but the falconry display was brilliant with birds of prey swooping over the audience.

Girl finally zonked out in the car home for the first time all week. I dont know where she gets the energy from.

Lets just hope the extra blanket over the curtains means the night lasts a bit longer tonight.

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