Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

North Rim, Grand Canyon

It is now becoming increasingly difficult to come up with the superlatives needed to describe this trip.  We spent 3 hours in Chevy Suburbans, travelling (and on many occasions Bouncing) over a dirt road to access the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  We were guided by Marjorie, a Belgian who decided to seek a new life in the USA at 21.  She had been a park ranger before joining the company who organised the trip.  She, and her colleague Scott, had been concerned that the road might not been passable due to the heavy rain of the last couple of days.  These rains had caused the loss of 18 lives already.

Somewhat chastened we still decided to have a go, with an alternate area chosen in case we had to turn back.  the 120 miles, each way, took up almost 5 hours of driving and despite the relatively good conditions to begin with, as we closed in on the rim, it got bumpier and bumpier.

It was very definitely worth it as we were the only people on the rim and we spent a glorious three and a half hours taking in the views.  It certainly wasn't for those afraid of heights; the Colorado river seemed miles away in the bottom of the gorge and it was impossible to discern people in the blue rafts that were being used below.

Now only a couple of days left, including a visit to Antelope Canyon and then onto the south rim of the Grand Canyon before rolling into Las Vegas on Friday night, prior to the flight back on Saturday,

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