By Maisiebeth

The Plastic Project

A bit different from me today. Through my photography and hiking I get to spend a lot of time on beaches and have been sad to see the amount of marine litter washed up on our shores. Not only is it an eyesore, but is a danger to the whole marine ecosystem. I wanted to do something so I started with a 2 minute beach clean, inspired by outdoor photographer Tim Nunn, whereby you spend just 2 minutes picking up plastic rubbish from the beach.
Then I took it a stage further and supported The Plastic Project for a small one off donation, which aims to promote awareness around the world of this major problem. As part of this support, I receive a monthly picture postcard written by Tim himself and showing some of the amazing places he has visited and surfed in. The first landed on my mat this morning, so I thought I would share this with you! They are gorgeous pictures but my favourite part has got to be the fact that his pen ran out towards the end and he had to finish in a different colour! You can tell its hand done and not printed!
Do check out the link too if you get a chance.

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