Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

Be what you want to be

(Back-blip - ooh, I've nearly caught up with myself)

Sunday was a busy, almost to the point of frantic, kind of day. There's one week to go until our minister retires and everyone is uptight and on edge, both with preparations for her leaving and also with wondering what the future holds for us as a congregation. It was also the weekend of Doors Open Days in Lanarkshire, in which we were participating, the minister's last service at one of our two worship centres (we're coming together for a joint service next Sunday) and we had Messy Church in the afternoon. As I said, it was a busy day!

Our Messy Church activities centred around the story of Joseph (the guy with the coat of many colours) and all the different emotions - pride, jealousy, anger, helplessness, guilt, etc - that appear throughout the story. One of the activities involved creating pictures of how a person might feel if some of the incidents in the story happened to them.

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