Autumn Approaches

Several of the local trees are starting to change colour which implies Autumn is just around the corner.  Today's main image is alongside the lake at Charlecote Park, where we often go for a walk in the fresh air.  One of the advantages of starting work at 06:30 is I get to finish in the early afternoon so hopefully there will be more chances for autumnal shots over the coming weeks. I have some Lightroom presets which enhance autumn colours but I have gone for a less processed look as there's not quite so much red in the trees just yet and this is more natural (?).

Today's extra is Gill in the plant sales place across the road, smiling as having made progress with buying the house we want she can turn her attention to planning for the 'blank canvas' garden.   It is also plant sale time and she has her best successes with sale and rescue plants ...

In case you are wondering, she has agreed to me using the photo :-)

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