Lost in Thought

By steveng

15 seconds of Fame

Fame at last!
I sent a few of my photographs in to Midlands Today hoping they might use one for the weather forecast - and tonight they did ! I missed the programme but one of our friends called to say it had been on and an ex-colleague photographed a TV screen and sent it to me via FaceBook ....

They do warn you that TV is quite low res compared to a DSLR, and they're not kidding. The original was my blip for July the 4th.

Update - now a Screenshot from iPlayer

Thanks go to:
Jenny - for the excited phone call
Carly - for catching the original screen grab
Julian - for pointing me to iPlayer downloads
Ian (LostPixel) - for suggesting Blipfoto as a way to improve my photography
Katrina - for general encouragement
Gill - who puts up with the faffing about
and ... the BBC!

Now if I could just get someone to pay me to take photographs .........

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