Up in the Air

If you've not seen this method of repairing house foundations, this scene may intrigue you! The house has been winched up and secured on secure beams, while the necessary work has gone on underneath to provide foundations for the house to be lowered on to. Apparently this house is going to look a little strange when it's lowered, as the weatherboards aren't exactly horizontal! I guess no-one will really notice it though. The house is at the bottom of the hill where my house is. 

No, there's no movement on my house repairs yet, although there was a suggestion a week ago that there was going to be an on-site pre-start meeting. It all beggars belief, quite honestly.

Thanks everyone for your lovely feedback yesterday and lately. My apologies for the poor responding on my part - time seems to be slipping away far too readily! I do love hearing from you though.

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