An Early Bird

After seeing yesterday's gorgeous sunrise, I got up early again so I could have another go at it, however my husband wasn't quite as enthusiastic about doing this two mornings in a row.  After all, it is his vacation.  So I went alone but only after I promised not to go to any area as remote as we had for yesterday's shots.  As it turned out, there were no mists this morning and there were some large banks of clouds, so the sunrise wasn't quite as good, but I did manage to catch this egret from quite a distance looking very nice in the early morning light.

I dropped my husband in NYC so he could see our boys and go to a baseball game, and I drove home as I was scheduled to start a 6-week Street Photography course tomorrow.  While I was driving home, the teacher  called me to inform me that I was the only person registered and so they had canceled the course.  I am very disappointed.  Now it seems that I have arrived home to faulty internet service so am using my iPhone as a hotspot to upload this.  Of course they can't come until Monday to fix it 

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