... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Fledgling Checking Feathers

More fluffed up in large.

A brief but excellent Goosle visit this morning: I was trying to take close-ups with the compact Canon (I failed...), and one of the fledglings got really close (they don't recognise the camera as a threat) and I managed to stroke it on the head several times! It was so very soft...

I was tempted to blip this shot of the largest fledgling sneaking around in the shallow water: Mr. chases it persistently, so it sneaks around keeping its head very low which looks most curious. I also got some close-ups of Mrs.: she was on guard, and was keeping very alert which made her easy to photograph.

Other Goosle shots are right from the sneaking fledgling.
Mrs. & a fledgling
Mrs. macro
Paddling fledgling

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