Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

I've got all my eyes on YOU

The garden was abuzz today - hummingbirds, bees, monarchs, fritillaries, and ... dragonflies!  These diminutive dragons are just a bit over an inch long and are, aptly, called Autumn Meadowhawks.  This one is a female - the males are a more brilliant red.  Of course, you can't really see much of her here since I wanted to focus just on the compound eyes.  But I'll post a full-body shot in Extra.

Still two juvenile hummers in the garden, although I expect them to leave any day now, especially as the temps will drop a bit after today.

Hubs got home last night around 11:30 after driving the entire 900 miles straight through!  I was sound asleep when he got home but when I awoke a few hours later, it was so nice to have him next to me in bed.  

The day has been spent pottering - always nice, especially when the weather is this pleasant.  Tonight we're getting together with some friends for an early dinner, then off to Long Island tomorrow for the christening.  

I posted 3 other shots on Flickr, starting with this one - I debated between these two for my blip, as I like both of them very much.  Best photo I've ever gotten of a shield bug.  

Happy Saturday...

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