Our day has been watching telly - rugby to be exact. We turned on the TV in time to see the second half of the South Africa Japan game.....holy moley, we couldn't believe our eyes.  So happy for the Japanese, they were obviously ecstatic with their win as were their supporters.  Sights never to be forgotten.  Good on them :)
France Italy followed, very dour after watching the previous game. Some replays of the earlier games but I read my book for a while then.  

Its been frightfully cold today, we finally succumbed and lite the fire. Aha, much better combined with nourishing pumpkin soup and I was feeling much happier.  I loath being cold.

I ventured outside to gather a huge bunch of daffodils from my garden.  After waiting what seemed to be forever they have exploded into quite a display.  I have many varieties and colours.  

My blip is one of the blousey variety, not that you can really tell.  Yes, I've had a bit of a fiddle with it, adding some textures. Lensbaby used today.

Also, have organised all my entries into our clubs end of year Salon. They don't have to be in until beginning of November, but the next six weeks are going to be frantic.  Photographic Convention down in Gore, Townsville for a couple of weeks and a 4 day photography workshop way up in Waiheke Island.  

All Blacks at 3.30 am tomorrow morning taking on Argentina.  Definitely a game to get up for.


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