Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Talking to myself

The boys think I am going mad as I am always either talking to the dog or talking to comes with age I think!

What a wet day - it rained all morning, and then this afternoon we had sunshine again. I met a friend for coffee this morning which was lovely to catch up in a cosy café while the rain was coming down outside.

After lunch I took Murdoch to the vet for a dental check up, as when we were in Switzerland in the summer the vet who signed his 'passport' to travel back to the UK said his teeth needed checking when we got back home. However, our usual vet said they are fine and as a dental clean is so stressful for dogs (they need to be anesthetised for this process) it was not necessary yet.

I have recently started listening to books on Audible. It is quite useful for when I am driving in the car or sitting on a train, and I am thoroughly enjoying the first book I downloaded which is the new William Boyd novel Sweet Caress - unfortunately the reader has the most annoying voice, so I may be forced to abandon the audio book and rather get the Kindle version.

Luke's dilemma about attending rugby pre-season at university was decided for him as there was no accommodation at this late stage so he cannot go. He was not sure whether he wanted to go and now that he cannot go he really wants to go...the peculiar nature of humans, always want what we cannot have!

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