I timed taking Little Dog out when the weather was clearing up.  The  afternoon looked sunny with the odd heavy downpour forecast.  Sadly, we stepped out of the door into the odd heavy downpour.  For half of the walk.  My knees were getting wet but Little Dog was wetter!

I was hoping that the sun might break through near the hut as I haven't been up there for quite a while and we were in luck.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much solitude as there was a grouse shoot about to begin so I took the opportunity of a few photos of them instead.

When I spotted the shutters off the hut and could see windows, now that made me smile.  I've wondered often what's inside, imagining rows of guns lined up on the wall (unlikely, I know, but it was a great image.)

I chatted to a lady outside the hut and managed to avoid the tempting questions:

So, do you kill wildlife too?
Oh, so you're just here for the wine?

Instead, I marvelled at their blue chequered luncheon table set out with wine glasses taking up the length of the hut and headed off before the gun fire began.  The sun then shone the whole way down with showers and rainbows sweeping down the valley in front of us.

Great to be out marching and feeling energetic again.

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