14 Palatinate, 6 Bavarian Units

Woke up to miserable weather and feeling miserable myself, Seemingly another load of kidney stones on their way. Dragged myself and the dogs for a walk in the shelter of the woods in Ottobeuren before getting home, feeding the dogs, lighting the sitting room fire, filling two hot water bottles, drinking a bottle of warm wheat beer (legendary kidney stone flushing fluid) and hitting the sofa.

At 5:00pm dragged myself outside to do the horses, chickens and geese. Felt better minute for minute and even managed to Twitter a bit with the commitee meeting of the Cricket Club annual main meeting being held in the Golden Fleece in Chelmsford. One of the members happens to be an expert on fluid containers and had recommended I went for the black IBC containers so sent him proof of purchase.

The container on the left is the one that caused me the problems with the 15m long Marley drainage. It is semi covered by the now harvested grape vine (1.2kg). The right hand side container is in the horse area. Have yet to come up with an idea as to what to plant to cover it. It must be non poisonous but also not attractive to hungry and bored horses.

These containers hold 1000 liters - in beer terms the equivalent of ten Germans annual consumption but in Bavaria only enough for six. In the wine growing area of the Palatinate (along the Rhine) it would hold enough for 14.

Beer is actually held to be good for horses but as they can drink up to 50 liters a day, we will stick with rainwater.

As I took the photos the sun appeared and the rainbow that resulted can be seen in the right photo. 

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