Mr Conker

Found on my way to the shops, a shiny horse chestnut still in part of its prickly shell. Captured on the iPhone in the windowsill with filtered light from a white blind and edited in Snapseed. There is a new version of Snapseed and I have been following a short course from Else Kramer (remember Synchroneyes 2015?) on how to get the most out of smartphone pictures with the help of this version of Snapseed. Obviously it's  not as extensive as PS or Lightroom and it is made especially for smartphone and tablet photography, but the possibilities to edit are really good. And then there are all the extras of filters and such. I really like it, have been using the earlier versions for ages, my favourite pass time when I'm waiting somewhere is to edit any photo on my phone with it just for the fun of it (and no, I'm not in any way connected to the app makers, it belongs to Google and it is a free app!) My offering for today :-)

Thanks very much for your comments and stars on yesterday's creative Blip :-)

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