Triple thick milk shake

Good luck trying to get that up the straw Megan.

Been busy this weekend building a 3 tier storage unit in the space where the washing machine used to stand before I moved it into the cloakroom. It's basically 3 shelves that pull out rather like the keyboard shelf on a desk, my thinking being that it will make it much easier to find what you need than it would be if I just put a conventional cupboard in there. Great idea, and it's coming along nicely BUT, materials have cost me in the region of £200. Bloody hell, this DIY lark can be expensive. The obvious question is why not just buy a kitchen draw unit and save yourself a lot of hassle and money? Two reasons (1) I rather fancied the project and (2) the likes of B&Q, Homebase etc. have a crazy pricing policy. If you check out a kitchen, they quote a price for a number of typical units so that you can compare different ranges. Looks good, at the budget end, you get 9 units for under £500, so surely I can get by 3 draw unit for a lot less than £200 can't I? Well no I can't, because the price for that unit purchased on its own is over £400. You see, the earlier price quoted includes the 65% discount that only applies when you buy 8 units or more. What a con.

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