A jaunt down to Granton to chinwag and pick up the post. There's Willy Barr! Famous in Leith, he is. And not just for wearing shorts; apparently he was the Provost a couple of years back, which is an honour handed out to prominent Leithers, don't you know?
Then onward! To Leith actually, as it was Doors Open Day and the Custom House was open for the first time. Well, the first time since it closed. It was a bit dull though I enlivened proceedings by quaffing a bottle of Rhubarb and Thai Basil Soda. Craft soda, eh? It was bowfin, mind. Still, it has to be done. Actually, it was me that was done - I ended up shelling out for them.
What ho. Jez we can! Then it was off to the Bailey exhibition. I've got to say, his sixties celebs are pretty good. I know he'll be chuffed at that. And his London East End stuff, likewise. Some of the rest is just ok. And his own artistry stuff in the final room. Well, let's just say, he should stick to Jean Shrimpton. I know I would have. Now, where's that LX manual?

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