The Waiting Game

Who'd have thought that my 1000th Blip entry would be taken in Stansted airport, sadly lacking in it's visually creative potential?   Oh well.  Lacking the opportunity or wherewithal in the angst and annoyance of air travel, here is my one and only shot of the day taken in the departure lounge during the 80 minute delay before take off.  Not to be confused with the 60 minute passport queue delay in an uncomfortably hot and crowed Istanbul airport.  Or the delay at the carousel looking for my absent suitcase (eventually found). Thus finally home nearly four hours later than anticipated.  The joys of travel.

Happy to celebrate 1000 consecutive Blips, I will try to be poetic about this whole blipping experience tomorrow. 

Addenda:  Super fantastically affectionate head bumping cuddles from Elizabeth who then having received her delicious treat from Asda (UK), purred in my ears all night.  Awww!

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