West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

Mono Monday - Past

This is the most distinctive building in my local area and has a very varied past. It was built in 1881 as a fire station. The fire engines were horse drawn and the firemen lived with their families in the rooms upstairs. It's (one of) the only Victorian fire stations left in the country that still has the original doors. It stopped being used as a fire station just after the first world war when motorised fire engines were introduced (they wouldn't fit through the doors).

For more than 40 year's it's been home to the South London Theatre. In two weeks time it starts a new chapter in its history. The theatre moves out for 18 months or so while the leaking, crumbling, building is repaired and restored. 

I like the red brick of the building so I've added a colour version to the extras.

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