Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tales of Sex and Predation...

Alternate Title:  Warning - for mature audiences only - graphic sex and violence!

Okay, seriously, how could I possible NOT blip this today?  I have never seen assassin bugs doing the wild thing, let alone with a snack in hand leg.  And frankly, it's a bit of luck that I saw these two as they were hanging upside down under the edge of one of my bird nest boxes.  I rotated this photo because I have a hard time looking at things that are upside down.  But if you want to see how they looked "in situ", click HERE.  I'm going on record now as saying this photo makes me happy!  (Not that I wish ill on the unfortunate ant - but, hey, an assassin has to woo his girl, right?)

Strange weather today - very humid, more like July - and quite warm.  A cold front is moving in tonight bringing rain and much cooler temps for the next few days.  Which meant that today had to be a macro safari since bugs will be scarce once the temps drop.  

Early this morning, a small flock of Gray Catbirds were feeding in the yard - gobbling poke berries and snatching insects off shrubs and in the air.  They moved on after a half hour or so, but what fun to watch them.  Soon, all the catbirds will move south for the winter - I'll miss them as they are a staple in the yard all summer, more often heard than seen as they prefer to skulk about in the bushes.  

I posted three other shots from today on Flickr, starting HERE with a madcap bumble bee and finishing off with a gray catbird.  

Thanks for continuing to drop by, and for the comments, stars and hearts.  I'm trying to keep up, but with limited success...

Dinner tonight (thanks Blue Apron) is crispy catfish with Louisiana dirty rice (which I am making without the green peppers because I despise green peppers.)  

Based on tomorrow's weather forecast, you may get a cat or a rain drop...


PS:  Breaking News --- a migrant hummer just showed up in the garden!  Getting late to be seeing them now, so this is a treat.  Two shots in Extra - including one with a monarch.  

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