Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Sunflower Hearts for TT70

I had hoped to enlist some tiny insect to help me announce my picks for TinyTuesday, but the only things about on this chilly, blustery day were yellow jackets and even they weren't being cooperative.  On the other hand, the Tufted Titmice were overjoyed when I asked for their help (of course, the bribe of sunflower hearts may have affected their level of enthusiasm...)

So, without further ado, Tiny Sunflower Hearts go out to the following images:
Nickimags888 for her whimsical, fun shot of a tiny van and a tinier snail
JDO for her extraordinary shot of a butterfly with curled proboscis
Gaia's Child for her superb snail close up
GregLovett for his most unusual shot of a shy crane fly
Fairweathergirl for her beautifully focused shot of a honeybee 
isbi for a fantasic macro of an unfurled fern
GracieG for a stunning macro of a feather with tiny water beads
Stiffknees for a shot with gorgeous depth of field and colors

And Titmouse Honorable Mentions to the following images:
TrinkinDave  (proving that the best camera is the one you have in your hand!)

And even though it's not a macro image, an HM goes to mmp26 for a shot of a tiny bird that is just adorable!

It has been such fun hosting TinyTuesday this month, but also hard work as I would love to be able to give hearts to so many more images.  It's given me a chance to "meet" some new people here on Blip, which is always nice, and to see some really wonderful images.  Next month, our host for TinyTuesday will be JensPhotos/NewcastleDownunder who's photos always leave me a bit breathless.  Jen, have fun!

And in yard news...a big flock of cedar waxwings showed up this morning to gobble down the berries on our red cedars in front of the house.  They should be around for awhile, so hopefully I can get some decent photos.  Stay tuned...

And, finally, thank you all so very much for all the love on my soggy carpenter bee yesterday!  


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